Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page

The goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales or leads.

Landing pages are often linked to from search engine marketing campaigns, e-mail campaigns, ads or social media. The landing page displays sales copy that is a logical extension of the search result, ad or link.

Two Types of Landing Pages

Transactional landing page – purpose is to persuade a visitor into becoming a customer by completing a transaction. This is accomplished by providing information to make a decision.

If the visitor is not ready to commit then the page needs to contain a form that the visitor/prospect needs to fill out. The goal of the form is to capture as much information about the visitor (name, e-mail address, company, phone, interest, … ) as possible. This captured visitor information can then be used at a later time to turn the visitor into a customer (e-mail campaign or sales call).

Reference landing page – presents relevant information (educational) to the visitor. This information can be text, images, graphs or videos.


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