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Think of a blog as a one-page Website.

A blog site is great to give you a presence on the Web.

Blogs can be text based, text and graphic based or just made-up of images. You control the information.

You add content and can share your expertise with others and build-up a following for your business.

Blogs are designed to be updated frequently. You post new information when you are ready and others can view the new content when they are ready. Viewers can even post their thoughts on your content.

Blogs allow you to share content, images, or information with others throughout the country or world.

Blogs give you a presence on the Web without the maintenance of a full-blown Website. If you want a blog, Cliff can you get started.

Blog Site Includes:

  • two pages (the main and an about you page) 
    wordpress logo
  • sign-up form for visitors
  • design seo optimization
  • pay pal buttons
  • graphic optimization
  • multimedia support
  • includes 30 minutes of free support

The number of pages in a Blog site can be increased later.

When you are ready to create a website or a blog, send Cliff an e-mail at:

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