Workbooks Creation

Seminar attendees expect a handout they can use after the training.

Stop using the worthless PowerPoint handouts of your slides for your workbook.

Instead add value to the training and give the students a workbook they can actually use after the training. cliff ping workbooks art

I can take your word file and return to you a printable professionally looking pdf file.

The completed workbook will include the answers to your marketing promises, the theory
you presented, the step-by-step how-to’s you discuss and the tips you present to the class.

The workbook can include a recommended resource page (hopefully some of your material), other services you offer and any upcoming training you have planned.

The workbook will be professionally created with Adobe InDesign.

The pages will have the appropriate white space to make the content readable not crowded, appropriate artwork to support your message, readable typefaces,proper variety of type size and boldness, space for the students to write their notes and interesting ways to display your lists.

Audience’s expect a handout after the training; leave them with one that they will remember positively.

Ready to start or for more information you can send Cliff an e-mail at

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