Remove a Color Cast

Remove a Color Cast

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by Cliff Ping

Any image that has too much red, green, blue, or yellow is said to have a color cast. Now panic sets in. How can you fix this!

Take a breathe, I will show you in this video two simple methods that repair most color casts.

This method to remove a color cast will use Adobe Photoshop’s Levels to set a highlight and shadow point. The steps I discuss in the video are listed below.

press the words to the right to view the video:  contrast_repair

Step 1: Select, Image>Adjustments>Levels. (Ctrl+L)

Step 2: Redefine the high-light point first.
Select the highlight eyedropper and then click on the image where you think the brightest printable pixel (white) for that image resides.

Step 3: Now select the shadow eyedropper and then click on the image where you think the darkest printable pixel (black) for that image resides.

You can try more than one place. Your last choice is what the eyedropper sets as the shadow point.

The image might still need some color tuning and minor blemish repair but the color cast is gone.


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